Gate Repair Rhode Island

Did the driveway gate got stuck? The remote control doesn’t open the driveway gate? Someone accidently backed with a vehicle into the gate? We can help. One of our specialties at Ocean Garage Doors & Gates is gate technician in Providence, and that include all types of iron gates including driveway gates. Whether you need new motor for motor-driven driveway gate, or emergency repair for driveway gate, we are here for you. Our techs specialize in all types of driveway gates repairs in Providence, and we are ready to help any time any day.

We at Ocean Garage Doors & Gates believe in quality. We only carry with us high quality garage door parts such as springs, pulleys, cables and rollers. Since when we repair a broken garage door, we know that we fix it for many years. And by doing so, we establish a reputation as one of the leading garage door companies in Providence.


Same day driveway gate repair in Providence

A jammed driveway gate can be frustrating, and everyone want their gate to be repaired ASAP. To help you get the stuck driveway gate working again today, we offer same day repair service for all kinds of iron gates in Providence. Whether your driveway gate went can’t be opened, or your driveway gate motor does not open and close your gate, or if your driveway gate is bended after it was hit by a vehicle, we can fix it, and we can fix it today. We repair gates from all models and makers, and with years of repairing gates from all kinds in Providence, there isn’t a problem we cannot repair. You might need service for a stuck electric gate repairs, or for a jammed driveway gate in Rhode Island, we are here for you.

Electric gate repair Providence

Driveway gate maintenance Providence

Whether it is a roll up door in Rhode Island, or a driveway gate in Providence, every gate need to be maintained to ensure that the gate will work for many more years and won’t get stuck. Beside the fact that the maintenance is going to improve the way the gate operate, and beside the fact that the maintenance will help protect the parts of the gate, the maintenance is an opportunity to inspect the gate and to make sure it is safe for use. In case there are lose or damaged parts, the maintenance give the person who perform it the opportunity to inspect the gate and locate problems such as lose parts or malfunctions with the way the gate operate.
You can perform the maintenance by yourself, or you can get in touch with Ocean Garage Doors & Gates for a same day service in Providence. We offer special packages for driveway gates maintenance, that will help you make sure that the gate is going to continue to work and more important in a safe way. Whether you choose us to perform the maintenance, or decide to do it yourself, the important thing is to never ignore the need for driveway gate maintenance for any kind of gate in Rhode Island.

Driveway gate safety

If you want to protect yourself and your family from getting injures by a gate which is not safe for use, NEVER USE A BROKEN GATE! And get in touch with a gate repair company to come and repair your gate. The reasons that can lead to a broken driveway gate are many: From poor maintenance or no maintenance at all, to a broken motor, to a bended gate that was hit by a car, but no matter what the reason is that the gate need repairs, do not try and force the driveway gate to close or to open, since it will only make a bigger problem. With our same day gate service, there is no need to panic and to try and repair things by yourself. All you need to do is to call us for same day gate repair in Rhode Island.

Electric gate repair Providence

Driveway gate motor repair Providence

If you own an automated driveway gate in Providence, and the motor do not open the gate, or if it seem like it is having a problem to open or close it, you should get in touch with us for a same day repair service in Rhode Island California. Even if you purchased a high quality gate motor in the past, and even if the gate was maintained on time, even the best motors can stop working after certain time, and that depend on many variables.
Luckily, a broken driveway gate motor is something that we deal with on a daily base, and we know how to locate and address the problem with minimum cost form you. The installers of Ocean Garage Doors & Gates carry gate motors from leading brands, designed for the American standard, and we have successfully replaced and repaired countless amount of gates motors in Rhode Island and we will be glad to add you to a long list of customers, who can tell you that when it comes to gate repair in Providence, Ocean Garage Doors & Gates is the best choice. To get the gate repaired quickly, professionally and for a fair price.

Welding service Repair in Providence Rhode Island

Sometime the gate require welding services. If that is the case, and you if you need someone who perform iron work in Providence, and who can repair a driveway gate that was hit by a vehicle, stop looking since you just found what you are looking for. We at Ocean Garage Doors & Gates believe that every gate problem can be solved, as long as it is not breaking safety laws, which for us always come first. We offer welding services in your house, so we will come to your place, weld the broken part and make sure that the gate is safe for use and working again.
Sometime the condition of the gate seem severe, in a way that the gate looks like there is no chance it will ever work again, and that the only possible solution for it will be to completely replace it. Nut the truth is that we have repaired driveway gates in Providence that looked like they will never work again. Since when you are an expert, no task is too complicated for you. When you know gates in Providence, no gate repair task is too big for you.

Electric Sliding Gate Repair Providence

If you own a motor driven sliding gate in Providence and there is a problem with the sliding gate, we can help. We have repaired and installed many motors for sliding gates in Rhode Island, and we can get you driveway gate working again soon. No reason to try and force the sliding gate to work if it is stuck, and there is no need to use the gate manually. If there is a motor that suddenly stopped working, we can fix it.
In case you need to motorize the gate, we are here for you. Just get in touch with us, and one of the driveway gates experts of Ocean Garage Doors & Gates will be happy to assist you. We specialize in commercial as well as residential motor-driven driveway gates. It can be a driveway gate to a driveway, or a driveway gate for a commercial property, the techs of Ocean Garage Doors & Gates can help.

Which Driving gates do you service?

We service all types of gates in Providence. From commercial roll up gate repair, through residential driveway gate repair, to automatic heavy duty roll down shutter, Ocean Garage Doors & Gates can help. We know everything there is to know about gates in Providence, and not once we were able to solve issues that others couldn’t. We service all types of gates in Providence: You might need new Lift Master driveway gate motor installation, or a power master commercial rolling gate motor, we are here for you.
We also offer maintenance packages for driveway gates in Providence. Do not wait until it is too late. Quarterly maintenance is something that will keep your driveway gate in good condition, and will allow you to use a safely operating driveway gate all your round. For same day service, please call us at (401) 285-0044 and one of our gates experts in Providence will be on their way to help.


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  • Emergency same day garage repairs in Providence.
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  • Lift Master opener repair and installation in Providence.
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